Chestnut Hill's very own indoor cycling studio since 2014. 

Founded on the concept of "keeping it simple", our spin floor has no clocks and no monitors on the bike. We have natural lighting, hardwood floors and a simple, welcoming aesthetic. Our instructors are wonderful, down-to-earth, positive and motivating individuals. We combine good music and a Schwinn bike with 45-minutes of getting lost in cardio. The result? The Cycle Fitness experience. 

"Take a break from the outside world, step into our cozy studio, let yourself go"

All levels welcome!

Do I need to be an outdoor cyclist to participate? 

Not at all. All types of people can take these classes. Modifications are offered and your instructor will always see that you're in the correct position. 


Do I need clip-in shoes to participate?

 No. You can wear any kind of sneaker and the bike has cages to fasten your sneakers in. 


Do I need to be in optimal cardio shape to take a class?

 No. This is where you should use your own best judgement while in class and listen to your body. There are always modifications provided and your instuctor will help you to feel comfortable on the bike while pushing yourself into better shape.


Will the seat hurt my bum?

 In some cases, especially if you haven't taken spin before or are just returning to spin, yes. Your body is not used to riding on a bike for a long length of time and the best way to help this issue is to come up out of the saddle if you feel uncomfortable. If this doesn't help we offer seat pads for our customers. 


Should I bring my own water and towel?

We offer the towel and spring water refills.

We also sell bottles for your convenience.


Why Indoor Cycle?

The workout is incredibly effective. It is a form of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) which, unlike steady-state cardio, scorches calories and whips your system into better shape in a fraction of the time that most cardio workouts take. Think of it as a 10 mile run in 45 minutes, with great music and different workouts in each song.