B A R R E    At   C y c l e  F i t n e s s



What Are Barre Classes like?

Our Barre class is a FULL body work out in less than an hour. Through small isometric movements and high-intensity interval training we focus on working our core, sculpting our arms and shoulders, toning our legs and lifting our glutes. After each muscle has been worked, we stretch so that we can achieve long and lean muscles without bulk. This class is taught to the beat of music, which makes it fun and go by FAST. 

Classes are intimate. Our capacity is limited and small, therefor, we give you plenty of room to breathe and move around and you will be given the BEST work out by our instructors who will focus on YOU.

for anyone.

For ANYONE? Yes. This class is for anyone. You don't have to have ever taken a barre class or even a fitness class to take Barre. Every person works within their own personal boundaries with respect to their own body: we are all different. We promise you will get a great workout and push yourself further than you thought possible. 

what to expect

You can expect to transform and change your body.

You can expect to shake. Expect to be sore in the best way possible. Expect to love what you have accomplished after every class.

for your class

For your class arrive on time and if you're new, arrive 10 minutes early! 

Wear socks! If you forget socks, you can purchase a pair of our adorable grippy socks.

Bring water! The sweat and thirst sneaks up fast in this class! If you forget, we have you covered.

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