The classes we offer here at Cycle Fitness are for everyone. All body types, ages and genders can greatly benefit from our classes. We structure our classes to get the most out of our time in the studio.

What sets us apart is that we are unplugged, we don't believe in monitors in your faces. You have a screen in your face all day long, chances are. We want you to forget the numbers and the clock on the wall. Be here. Work from within.

This is your time.

work your body, free your mind


 45 minutes to an hour long and taught from the bike entirely. Classes are taught to the cadence of the music. Fun and fulfilling, you burn calories and forget you're working so hard. This is our classic class and modifications are offered for new riders.


45 minutes to an hour long, we begin with a traditional Spin class for 30 minutes, then take it to the floor where we sculpt our muscles using barbells. Get your cardio in and tone up with us in this studio favorite.


45 minutes long, this class combines the best of both worlds: an internal-based cycling class where we pedal hard for 30 minutes and then bring it to the mat where we tone and work our core. Cool down + stretch at the very end, you’re good to go!



Our newest addition and our favorite way to burn fat while toning our muscles, this full-body workout is done on the mat with no bike. 45 minutes long, we circuit through cardio, strength training using weights, and ab work to strengthen our core. This workout leaves you SORE and exhausted in the best way. Modifications are always offered.



 These 45-minute classes use the technique and concept of a barre class, with some cardio POWER movements. Never will you feel so in tune with your body + mind. These classes have been created as the PERFECT match to what you're missing in just taking spin. You will work every part of your body and you will SHAKE. But you'll be back for more, trust us.