One size doesn’t fit all

We have teamed up with Renee, a certified health coach with a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics, to work with you on your individual needs and to form much more than a diet but a lifestyle rooted in mindfulness and whole foods. Starting with the gut, Renee will work with you to build a balanced and nutritious meal plan that works with your lifestyle and meets your goals.

meet Renee


Whether you’re an avid athlete who is unclear about whether their nutrition needs are being met, or a busy mom who has no time to meal prep and plan what is right for their dietary needs, Renee can put you on the right path and help you meet your goals.


1 one-hour session with Renee to get you set up and informed on the best choices for your dietary needs and to reset your goals and way of thinking about nutrition.


3 one-hour sessions with Renee to dive into your eating habits and implement a new lifestyle that will last. With enough time to begin to feel changes within your gut and energy, this package will allow you to feel better.


5 one-hour sessions with Renee to completely transform your relationship with food, your gut health, and to implement a sustainable lifestyle that truly works for you. Changes can be seen and felt with this package.