BACK IN 2014

Alli, the owner of Cycle Fitness, saw a need for more boutique indoor cycling studios- but not the kind that is anxiety-inducing, high-end, cliquey and anything but what working out is supposed to be: a mindful release. Wanting a place to go to work through life’s challenges, somewhere you felt included and appreciated, somewhere you could zone out for 45 minutes and get a good sweat without all of the up-selling and marketing of big gyms; Alli created Chestnut Hill Cycle Fitness.


Without consoles, monitors, mirrors or clocks; we believe the best workouts occur when you’re fully in the moment and in tune with your own body, your breath, the music and the energy surrounding you. We leave the metrics out of the equation and instead dim the lights, light the candles and connect with ourselves. In a world that relies so heavily on screens, we leave those out.


Because we believe in authenticity, in showing up just as you are, we attract that. Our instructors are genuine and real. Our tribe that is drawn into the studio to come sweat is comprised of the most down-to-earth, incredible people. We found the recipe to happiness and getting your best sweat, lies in showing up as you are. We believe in who you are.