Our private sessions are customized completely to fit your intentions. One-hour sessions are set up to meet your scheduling needs, and each hour is planned out to maximize your time. If there are injuries or extra modifications you need, this is the best way to create a well-rounded routine that will meet all of your needs and abilities. Maybe you would like to specifically target one area on your body, or you’d like to focus solely on you and your goals; private sessions are the best way to achieve this. Our process includes 3 principles: Activity, Mindfulness and Nutrition to align you with your goals.



In our Private Training Intake form that you’ll fill out before your first session, we catch a glimpse of what your every day life looks like. From here, we can assess what needs the most attention. For example, if a client spins seven times a week for five months and sees no real results, but eats highly processed cereals every day and only sleeps about five hours per night, we can clearly put a plan together to create balance for our client and get them closer to their goals more directly. Our process is not a fad-based, quick-fix plan. It is a regimen based in wellness that will make our clients feel their best. Our end goal is that you feel your best.


We also offer private sessions for groups of 3 or less individuals. The benefit of Private Group sessions is that you get to work out alongside of your crew, which is always a fun and motivating time, and you get to split the payment making it a more affordable way to get a more personalized class. In order to schedule a group session, go directly to Step 3 at the bottom of this page and click the button to email Alli to schedule your session!



STEP 1: Click the button and fill out the intake form below, either online or print and write in your responses. If you filled it out online, save it to your computer and attach it to step 3 (the email to me). You can also just print it, and bring it to our first session.




STEP 2: Click the button below and purchase your first class. Once you’re finished with the purchase, go to step 3.




STEP 3: Click the button below and email Alli what time and date(s) you’d like to schedule your first session! Also, if you filled out the intake form and saved it, attach it to this email.