Our spin class experience is always inclusive, no exceptions. We serve first and foremost as a welcoming and inviting atmosphere, which sets us apart in a big way to other boutique studios and big gyms. This is everyone’s journey.




Our second principle in spin classes is that we stay in the moment and therefor we don’t use monitors, mirrors or clocks in our spin room. We encourage you to listen to your body and surrender to the moment; we have all day to stare at screens. Push yourself because it feels good, not because you need to meet a certain number.



It starts at the top. Our instructors are hired and trained in-house (as well as Spin Certified) and our primary intention is that they HAVE GOOD ENERGY. We select the most genuine, down-to-earth, awesome, passionate and inspiring people who radiate good vibes. This makes all of the difference in our community and our classes.




Where traditional spin meets new, beat-based spin. Our classes are a variety of in-the-saddle sprints, heavy climbs and tap-backs to the rhythm. We love to switch it up, and each instructor offers their own personalized touch.

+ some classes offer optional upper body movements with hand weights to add a challenge to our workouts.