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 We're sliding (or spinning) into 2017 HOT with a strong, fun & fierce team and a whole game plan full of changes coming to Cycle Fitness in this New Year. We just had to take to a blog so that we can keep you in the loop and on the bike. We're so excited (REALLY excited) to post about the going-ons within our studio and community, along with inspirations, recipes and our FAVORITE things. It's been a long time coming, right? STAY TUNED for upcoming posts and enjoy our list of ch-ch-changes we're inspired to implement from WITHIN in this beautiful & promising New Year ahead. 2016, you were great, NO hard feelings. 2017: we're so ready for you.


ALL about that BALANCE. Don't kill yourself with unattainable, crazy goals. The likelihood that you will sustain a healthy lifestyle this way doesn't hold up. Instead, implement a real balance to your life that works. Eat clean, but treat yourself. Workout hard, but rest. At Cycle Fitness we are firm believers in having that smoothie AND having that pizza.

This one is BIG. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. You treat your body right, you watch what you put into it and you make sure to work your body and stretch your body. WHY wouldn't you do the same for your mind? What you habitually tell yourself will be your reality. Make a habit NOW of beginning to quit the negative talk in your head. 

You can't grow a garden with no sun & water. You can't cultivate a happy, love-filled and inspired life without beginning with YOURSELF. The love you give to yourself lays foundations, or the RICHEST fertile, if you will, for your life to unfold. You cannot build on ruins. Once you implement positive self-talk and become forgiving, accepting, and loving of yourself, you will see major changes. We're starting a LOVE train <3

Until next time,  

Cycle Fitness Team