This Leaves Your Skin Dewey, Fresh and Cool As a Cucumber

We love the idea of a hot, sweaty spin class or a run on a hot summer day...until...we don't.

Your skin will thank you for these easy, quick DIY face mists this summer. I have never been a big believer in product as much as I am in what goes in to your body (let thy food be thy medicine-- I could say it a million times over). I've seen these mists make a huge splash in the market of over-priced Sephora-sold products in the past few years. What I didn't think of then, is that by reading the label on the back of the mist...you could concoct your very own. And pretty effortlessly. I'm now a big believer in the mists, as they get sopped up by your skin pretty quickly after a few sprays and I love the way they make my face feel and glow. They're all natural and cruelty free!

All You Need:

My preferred potion is one with Peppermint for a cooling sensation and lovely smell, and Rose Hips Oil for soft + supple skin (also a huge ingredient in anti-aging).


3 out of 4 parts WATER! Distilled or purified

1 part Witch Hazel for a nice cooling effect + toner (Thayer's preferably) 

4 drops of Coconut Oil (or almond oil) as a "carrier oil" so that the mist sets in to your skin

Here's the FUN part: It's up to you what Essential Oil you want to add!

I add 3-4 drops of Peppermint Oil and 5 drop of Rose Hips Oil for my daytime summer blend

For night time I add Lavender Oil and Rose Hips Oil for a relaxing + hydrating blend

All you need is a spray bottle and you're golden. Have fun with it!