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A 6 Week Program designed to make you feel, and look, your best. We know that it takes 21 days to form a habit. But it takes 42 days to really make it a lifestyle and reap the benefits of changes made. We know after the program, you will feel: 


More calm and happy

More nutritiously satisfied from whole foods


A flatter tummy and glowing skin!



This Program Provides:



Our program will provide you with 3 group sessions and weekly support emails with our favorite nutritionist, Health & Well! Renee is a certified Health Coach with a deep understanding of our individual nutritional needs, and will be providing her expertise and support every step of the way. Throughout this time, you will receive an easy-to-follow outline of energy-boosting, nutritious and anti-inflammatory beauty foods to help you feel your best, a variety of easy and healthy recipes, meal examples, and much much more!


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15 classes come with this program! On April 1st your classes will be available to you (or you can schedule them out once purchased) for 6 weeks. We encourage you to come to class and mix it up! Take a Full Body Class to trick your body into different toning movements, or try a Barre class! 



This program comes with 7 Fresh Juices selected by you on April 1st, and can be picked up at the studio during your class schedule! The juices will aid you in taking in nutrients, minerals and vitamins to give you energy and give your digestive system a much-needed break. It's a fresh start to get you glowing!


$280 gets you all of this and more for 6 Weeks.

Jump start your body and nutrition, receive emails to assist you in your program, group meetings with Renee and fresh pressed juices.