“Have you struggled with keeping people coming to classes since Peleton became so popular?”, has been a big question we get asked often. The answer, in short: no. But the reason is not exactly simple. A truth as old as humanity, and then some: we thrive more within a community than in isolation. We do better in numbers than alone. Even Track and Field athletes can tell you that without a team and their coach, they’d just be competing alone and that (usually) doesn't produce the same results that competing for a greater purpose does. It’s the same concept as golf (or anything, really): if you want to get better, you have to play with people who are better than you. We are drawn to communities because not only are they a source of company, but also a source of inspiration and support. Without our community at Chestnut Hill Cycle Fitness, so many wonderful friendships would never have been formed and some of our own personal hard times would have been made harder. We find a haven in this community, one that has been immune to Peleton and bigger gyms.

The accountability factor of sweating in numbers rather than alone is also one to take into account. The feeling of commitment, not just to yourself, but to the people who are rooting for you is one of the most compelling forces that bring people into the studio. The way you feel when you know that you showed up tired, or sick, or down, but you showed up any way along with twenty other people all for the same purpose: to move your body and feel better; to release endorphins and stress; to feel inspired and a sense of belonging, that feeling is contagious. When you look over at the person on your right in class, and they’re crushing it; they’re killing the sprint or the push-up series; you feel inspired and you feel happy for them. When you look over at the person who is new to the studio and who is just getting the hang of a heavy climb on the bike, or a squat series at Sculpt; you feel humbled and inspired for the start of their new journey. Because whether you’re an advanced athlete or a beginner, we are all here for the same purpose.

Our no-monitor policy means that we don’t encourage you to compete because to compete is to compare, and to compare takes away and we want to add on. We want you to feel more. More complete, more inspired, more driven, more accomplished, more accepted, more appreciated, more present and more you. We don’t want to inundate your mind with a “leader board” so that you can be the fastest, or the “most fit” because that just sets us apart. We want you to feel a sense of togetherness and community, because that is what makes you feel supported and a part of something greater.

Community over Competition is certainly one of the most powerful beliefs that CHCF stands on and always will. We hope you find the inspiration and support you need in our community and if you haven’t been, come as you are. You’ll always have a place with us. “You can spin with us”.